How far is Cascadia Quartet & Ensembles willing to travel for an event?

One of the many joys of our work is having so many opportunities to travel and explore new places! We have performed as far as Campbell River, Tofino, and Whistler. This does mean more cost, but we try to diminish costs by contracting some of the professional musicians closer to the region where we have the gig (ie. when we have weddings in Vancouver, we will hire some of the musicians from that region).

How many musicians are involved in Cascadia Quartet & Ensembles?

Our 6 core musicians (Kathryn, Tyson, Jessica, Barry, Rosanna & Erin) comprise the "Core", and will be seen playing at most of our events. However, due to the high demand that we've had, we have expanded to contracting out professional musicians from all over the Greater Victoria and Vancouver Regions. Our musicians have regularly included full-time members of the Victoria Symphony, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and other high-calibre ensembles in the region.

I'm interested in a string ensemble, but with a non-stringed instrument. Is it possible for Cascadia Quartet & ensembles to provide this?

Yes, absolutely! We have done many events with mixed instrumentation, including, voice, piano, & guitar.

There are a few songs that I would love played for my event, however, I don't see them on any of your lists. Are you able to arrange special requests?

Yes, we love expanding our repertoire and are always excited to provide new arrangements! For every "Modern & Customized" package, we provide up to three special requests.

Who writes your arrangements?

Our arrangements are curated from a combination of sources, and are written by composers/arrangers from all over the world. However, many of them are written by Kathryn (our creative director). She has a knack for arranging, and has been developing her creative skills in this stimultating craft for over ten years.

Duo, Trio, or Quartet? Does it really make a difference which ensemble I hire?

Here's a question we're asked a lot, and for good reason! Within our strings-only ensembles, we provide all three ensemble options because we aim to be versatile to the needs of our clients, as well as venue capacities. However, the simple answer is that the full string quartet, for any event, provides the most complete sound, variety of musical textures, layers, and sonorites that neither trio nor duo can replicate, especially when it comes to performing popular tunes. This isn't to say that trio and duo ensembles aren't of value, but the difference of substance that the quartet brings is significant. If clients are able, we always recommend that they hire the full string quartet for even further satisfaction of our musical services.

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